The VA Innovations Sandbox Cloud 1 environment has been physcially migrated however, it is still offline at this time. Please visit this site for updates.

This outage is due to the physical relocation of the facility and subsequent migration of existing Sandbox data and resources to new equipment.

Services affected:

  • ALL Innovations virtual windows XP and 7 desktops are unavailable
  • ALL Innovations websites hosted in Cloud 1 are down
  • ALL Innovations virtual servers in Cloud 1 are down
  • NO new Innovations user accounts will be created
  • NO Innovations user account passwords can be reset

This outage does NOT affect any servers hosted in our Cloud 2 (AWS/GovCloud)

VHA Innovations


Future Technology Laboratory

Welcome to the Department of Veterans Affairs Innovations Future Technology Laboratory
The VHA Innovation Program identifies, tests, and evaluates innovative solutions to help VA better serve Veterans

The VHA Innovation Program’s Future Technology Laboratory (FTL) is the “VA’s sandbox cloud,” a development infrastructure and software as a service platform that is publicly accessible and external to the VA’s internal network. The FTL is a valuable technical resource for VA employees, contractors, and third party developers, whose goals are to develop software to improve healthcare for Veterans.